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One of the most popular posts on this blog continues to be the one regarding the  Blessing of your home with the Epiphany Inscription Over the Doorway of your home, from Father Mark:

The letters have two meanings. They are the initials of the traditional names of the Three Magi: Caspar, Melchior and Balthasar. They also abbreviate the Latin words “Christus mansionem benedicat.” “May Christ bless the house.” The letters recall the day on which the inscription is made, as well as the purpose of blessing.The crosses represent the protection of the Precious Blood of Christ, whom we invoke, and the holiness of the Three Magi sanctified by their adoration of the Infant Christ. The inscription is made above the front door, so that all who enter and depart this year may enjoy God’s blessing. The month of January still bears the name of the Roman god Janus, the doorkeeper of heaven and protector of the beginning and end of things. This blessing “christens” the ancient Roman observance of the first month. The inscription is made of chalk, a product of clay, which recalls the human nature taken by the Adorable and Eternal Word of God in the womb of the Virgin Mary, by the power of the Holy Spirit.

To bless your home this Epiphany, read the Prologue of Saint John’s Gospel, followed by the Our Father, and the Collect of the Epiphany; then write the inscription for this year above your front door with blessed chalk.

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  1. I’m bit curious about the headline (20 + C + M + B + 08). Seem like a math algo, This is news. thanks

  2. That’s what you write over the door, the “inscription” if you will. It’s explained by the article.

  3. We have practiced this ancient Christian custom in our parish for the past 10+ years. Each year we print the cards with the current year as mentioned in the article. On the back of the strips we print this blessing:
    “Today Jesus is manifest to us; Today, this home is a holy place.” Lord, bless this household. May we be blessed with health, goodness of heart, gentleness and the keeping of your laws. We give thanks to you, Father, Son, Holy Spirit, – now and forever. Amen.
    This custom has become a tradition for All Saints / St. Joseph’s Parish in Twain Harte, CA.
    Grace M. Alvarez,
    retired DRE/Secty

  4. This is a long practiced custom in Poland. I try not to miss an opportunity of doing absolutely everything I can, while being alive. Just think of the inevitability of one day departing, and in that last moment feeling sorry that something as simple as this blessing I denied myself because of laziness or worse yet abandoning the church, religion and God.

  5. I am currently living in Austria where the Three Magi come and bless your home with the inscription. See http://sevenlees.blogspot.com/2008/01/epiphany.html for a picture. 🙂

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