Lent Reflection

Christians are to be forgiving and merciful; we are to live out the

unity Christ died to restore. In the early church, outsiders marveled

at the followers of Christ because of their love for one another.

Sadly, the unity that was the hallmark of the early Church

has been damaged, in some cases seemingly beyond repair. We

who are called to be “merciful” stand idly by while our brothers

and sisters in other parts of the world are offered up as scapegoats.

We who are to share the Good News huddle among our own,

contented to preach to the choir. The problem is this: Jesus died

for all, so that all might be saved. We who follow Our Lord must

live to accomplish his will.


As St. Peter points out, Jesus himself is our example. The

treatment that Jesus received on the cross was worse than most

of us can even imagine but his message of forgiveness did not

change. When Jesus rose from the dead, he did not declare a holy

war against those who had put him to death. Instead he proclaimed,

“Peace,” and sent his followers to the ends of the earth

to preach the gospel, teaching all to believe and trust in him.




"michael dubruiel"

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