Following Christ

Steps to Take as You Follow Christ

Ask—From what do I need Jesus to save me?

Seek—God’s forgiveness for your sins. Ask God to transform you

into the image of his Son, so that you may be an instrument of

God’s grace to others.

Knock—Meditate on 1 Corinthians 6:9–11. St. Paul presents a

list of those unfit for the kingdom of God. What about each sin

alluded to in the list might point to someone worshipping something

or someone other than God? Is there a particular sin that

you struggle with in the list? How is your life different in Christ?

Transform Your Life—Make a good examination of conscience

and plan to go to confession on a regular occasion, perhaps once

a month. Try to make your confession sincere, letting go of your

attempts to control your own life, and a real surrender to the

grace of Jesus Christ. Vow to Christ to trust in his mercy to truly

transform your life.


"michael dubruiel"

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