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Michael Dubruiel’s books

Eucharist means…”thanksgiving”

Michael Dubruiel wrote a book to help people deepen their experience of the Mass.  He titled it, How to Get the Most Out of the Eucharist.  You can read about it here. 

"michael Dubruiel"

How to Get the Most Out of the Eucharist gives you nine concrete steps to help you join your own sacrifice to the sacrifice of Christ as you:

  • Serve: Obey the command that Jesus gave to his disciples at the first Eucharist.

  • Adore: Put aside anything that seems to rival God in importance.

  • Confess: Believe in God’s power to make up for your weaknesses.

  • Respond” Answer in gesture, word, and song in unity with the Body of Christ.

  • Incline: Listen with your whole being to the Word of God.

  • Fast: Bring your appetites and desires to the Eucharist.

  • Invite: Open yourself to an encounter with Jesus.

  • Commune: Accept the gift of Christ in the Eucharist.

  • Evangelize :Take him and share the Lord with others.