Michael Dubruiel Interview Part 3

You can listen to an interview program with Michael Dubruiel about his book, The Power of the Cross. The interview is with Kris McGregor of KVSS radio.

Episode 3

– The Cross of Christ unites…

– Michael discusses:

Day 8 – The Temporal and Eternal

Day 9 – Those Divided by Sin

Day 10 – In Humility

Day 11 – In Sin

Day 12 – Those Who Suffer For Justice

Day 13 – Us in the Work We Have to Do

Day 14 – God’s Mercy and Love

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You can find out more about The Power of the Cross here, including a free download of the book.


How to Pray the Rosary by Michael Dubruiel

Michael Dubruiel conceived and put together the small hardbound book, Praying the Rosary.  Click on the cover for more information.

Free Christian Book

Available here.

The procession of the cross that begins and ends each celebration

of the Eucharist should help us to redefine our lives whenever we

witness it. As the Mass begins we join all of our crosses to the

cross of Christ, asking the Lord to have mercy upon us for our

inability to see. We listen to the Scriptures to once again learn

about all the necessary events of our lives, proclaim the Church’s

belief as our own, and give thanks to God as we offer the sacrifice that he has provided for us. We then receive the Living Godbefore the cross leads us back into the world!

Having received the life of Christ in us, we are better able toextend that love to others. I was reminded of this again a few years ago, when I met another family who also had an unplanned child. In the presence of the child they said what a gift they had

been given—like nothing they could have ever dreamed of asking

for, an incredible blessing. Their joy mirrored that of God the

Father, who could not contain himself in heaven when his Son

walked the earth. He opened up the heavens to exclaim, “This

is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased” (Matthew


That same Son would experience horrible suffering at the

hands of cruel men. Assured of the love of the Father, he knew

that ultimately the Father would not let him down. When you

and I are finally convinced in the same way that God loves us,

we will welcome whatever comes our way in this life and see it

with a vision that others will marvel at. On that day we will say,

“Alleluia. Praised be God!”

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How to Get More Out of Going to Mass

Michael Dubruiel wrote a book to help people deepen their experience of the Mass.  He titled it, How to Get the Most Out of the Eucharist.  You can read about it here. 

How to Get the Most Out of the Eucharist gives you nine concrete steps to help you join your own sacrifice to the sacrifice of Christ as you:

  • Serve: Obey the command that Jesus gave to his disciples at the first Eucharist.
  • Adore: Put aside anything that seems to rival God in importance.
  • Confess: Believe in God’s power to make up for your weaknesses.
  • Respond” Answer in gesture, word, and song in unity with the Body of Christ.
  • Incline: Listen with your whole being to the Word of God.
  • Fast: Bring your appetites and desires to the Eucharist.
  • Invite: Open yourself to an encounter with Jesus.
  • Commune: Accept the gift of Christ in the Eucharist.
  • Evangelize :Take him and share the Lord with others.

Filled with true examples, solid prayer-helps, and sound advice, How to Get the Most Out of the Eucharist shows you how to properly balance the Mass as a holy banquet with the Mass as a holy sacrifice. With its references to Scripture, quotations from the writings and prayers of the saints, and practical aids for overcoming distractions one can encounter at Mass, this book guides readers to embrace the Mass as if they were attending the Last Supper itself.

Free Catholic Book by Michael Dubruiel

The letter to the Hebrews draws a strong connection

between the cross and prayer. Because every moment of our

earthly existence is threatened by death, and we know neither the

day nor the hour when that existence will come to an end, we,

too, need to cry out to the God who can save us. Like Moses, we

need the help of our fellow Christians to hold up our arms when

they grow tired. We, too, need the help of the Holy Spirit to

make up for what is lacking in our prayer. 

The Power of the Cross 

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Michael Dubruiel Interview

You can listen to an interview program with Michael Dubruiel about his book, The Power of the Cross. The interview is with Kris McGregor of KVSS radio. This is the sixth episode

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Episode 6 – The Cross of Christ restores…

– Michael discusses:

Day 22 – Life

Day 29 – Forgiveness

Day 30 – The Image of God

Day 31 – Our Freedom

Day 32 – Obedience

Day 33 – The Dignity of Work

Day 34 – Justice

You can find out more about The Power of the Cross here, including a free download of the book.

Novenas to St. Ann and St. Ignatius

When Jesus ascended into heaven, he told his Apostles to stay where they were and to “wait for the gift” that the Father had promised: the Holy Spirit.  The Apostles did as the Lord commanded them. “They all joined together constantly in prayer, along with the women and Mary the mother of Jesus, and with his brothers” (Acts 1:14). Nine days passed; then, they received the gift of the Holy spirit, as had been promised. May we stay together with the church, awaiting in faith with Our Blessed Mother, as we trust entirely in God, who loves us more than we can ever know. 

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