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If we want to learn anything about the Paschal mystery of Jesus’

Passion, death, and resurrection here on the mountain of the

Transfiguration, we must approach these mysteries on our knees.

It all begins with prayer.

Jesus climbed the mountain to be alone with the three disciples,

to pray with them. Every effort of prayer begins with an

invitation to “come aside.” Just as Our Lord called Peter, James,

and John to come with him up the mountain, he beckons to us

today. When we feel that inner nudge, that desire to pray, we

must pay attention to God’s call.

It may be difficult to respond to the invitation at times. We

need not climb a mountain, at least not literally. However, we do

need a place to “come aside.” It may be a special corner of our

room, or a nearby chapel; no matter where it is, the trip to put

oneself into God’s presence may seem like scaling the side of a

precipice at times. This is to be expected: We are entering a different

realm. As Peter, James, and John discovered, in leading

them up the mountain Jesus had taken them higher than the geological

summit; he had transported them to heaven itself. They

were able to witness Moses and Elijah, conversing with Jesus in

prayer and blinding light!

The Power of the Cross  by Michael Dubruiel

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