About Michael Dubruiel

A page with links to information about and works by  Michael Dubruiel.



Michael Dubruiel’s website

In 2006 we traveled to Rome.  Here’s a compilation of both of our posts on that trip.  His are quite thoughtful.

Michael Dubruiel’s original Blogger blog. 

Michael Dubruiel’s Amazon page.

A page on his book, The How to Book of the Mass.

A page on his book, The Power of the Cross, including a download of the book. 

You might be interested in this podcast, with Chris Cash of the Catholic Company.

Some tributes to Michael Dubruiel:

Michael Dubruiel’s obituary

About Michael Dubruiel

Remembering Michael Dubruiel

Jimmy Akin’s post

The OSV “Daily Take” blog post – remembering Michael Dubruiel from his many years at Our Sunday Visitor. 

Michael Dubruiel’s series with KVSS radio in Omaha on “The Power of the Cross.”

EWTN’s Johnette Benkovic’s blog post about Michael Dubruiel



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