Terri Schiavo Autopsy Results Inconclusive on Cause of Collapse

Most media reports are spinning this in the way you’d expect.

Terri Schiavo Autopsy Results Inconclusive on Cause of Collapse

Seven Priests in Belleville Don’t Want Him

Priests seek to block bishop’s installation

"You’ll Never Guess Who I’m WIth…"

Take your cell phone with you to a Papal Audience…POPE HAS A MOBILE PHONE CHAT AT CLOSE OF HEARING

“Don’t worry I’m going to take care of that…and soon>”
“What am I reading?”
How To Get The Most Out Of The Eucharist.”
“Because Dubruiel is reading all of my books. He told me that so far he likes The Spirit of the Liturgy best.”

Shorter Catechism to be Released June 29th

From Vatican Information Service:

The Compendium of the Catechism of the Catholic Church will be presented on June 28, in the course of a solemn liturgical celebration in the presence of Pope Benedict XVI. The Compendium was prepared by a commission presided by the then Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger.

Terri Schiavo’s Autopsy Results to be Released on Tomorrow

Schiavo autopsy results to be released Wednesday

Abortionist Accused of Eating Fetuses

Kansas City clinic closed as grisly house of horrors

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